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Project description:

SUS.DIV "Sustainable Development in a Diverse World"
(2005-2011) focuses on the relationship between cultural diversity and sustainable development. The Network is co-ordinated by Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei (FEEM) under the scientific lead of Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (K.U.Leuven). It is co-financed by the European Commission, FP6, Priority 7. more

EURODIV "Cultural diversity in Europe(2006-2009) provides top-level training opportunities on the understanding of cultural diversity in Europe. A series of Conferences is organised on policy-relevant research issues. EURODIV is co-ordinated by Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei (FEEM) and supported by the European Commission, FP6, Marie Curie Conferences and Training Courses. more

Final events:
  • SUS.DIV Policy Workshop on "A spectre is haunting Europe: Proposals for new policy strategies to address diversity", 7 December 2010, Bruxelles, Belgium. more

Research & publications:

  • Database on diversity researchers more
  • Portal on data sources more
  • Research Tasks more
  • Publications more

Next releases:

  • SUS.DIV "Research Manifesto on Diversity and Sustainability" more

Hot agenda:

  • European Conference on "Innovation and entrepreneurship" with a mini track on “Diversity and Entrepreneurship”, 15-16 September 2011, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK. more
  • 2011 CEC International Conference on "World heritage at risk. The economics of tangible and intangible heritage under threat", 14-16 September 2011, Ravello, Italy. more
  • Conference on "Understanding European diversity: cross-national analysis of human values, attitudes and behaviour", 8-10 September 2011, Berlin. more
  • International Conference on "The dynamics and challenges of ideological control: exploring the connections between identity regulation, diversity management and individual subjectivities", Naples, Italy, 11-13 July 2011 more
  • Conference of the European Urban Research Association on "Cities without limits", 23-25 June 2011, Copenhagen, Denmark. more 


Funding opportunities:

  • Training exchanges more
  • Training events more
  • Joint workshops more


SUS.DIV in the pocket:

"Diversity Research and Policy. A Multidisciplinary Exploration" eds. S. Knotter, R. de Lobel, L. Tsipouri, V. Stenius, Pallas Publications, 2011

This book provides insight into the role diversity plays in a wide range of academic disciplines, such as anthropology, sociology, psychology, economics, linguistics, business management, criminology, law, ecology and urban planning. Furthermore, it reflects on the implications for policymakers. The volume is a vital tool for anyone conducting research on diversity and an inspiration for practitioners in the field of diversity management and policy implementation. more

"Everyday's a Festival! Diversity on Show", eds. S. Küchler S., L. Kürti, H. Elkadi, Sean Kingston Publishing, 2011

Despite their ubiquity and cultural prominence, the academic study of arts festivals has long been neglected. The burgeoning festivals industry is, however, firmly embedded in both the arts funding and weekly calendar of European cities, and there is no doubt that festivals are fast becoming a defining feature of urban life in the twenty-first century. An assessment of their nature and impact is more pressing than ever before. The contributors to this volume explore the modern urban festival and the difference it makes to the experience and management of diversity in the city. more

"The Sustainability of Cultural Diversity. Nations, Cities and Organizations", eds. M. Janssens, M. Bechtoldt, A. de Ruijter, D. Pinelli, G. Prarolo and V. Stenius, Edward Elgar, Series on Economics, the Environment and Sustainable Development, 2010

This engaging book addresses the question of how diverse communities, whether in a nation, city or organization, can live together and prosper whilst retaining and enjoying their cultural differences. This is a particularly pertinent issue in the context of the modern world where mass migration and immigration are pervasive global phenomena. This volume brings together a series of contributors from various disciplines and cultural settings to address two central questions. more

"Diversity Management in Practice: A Cross-cultural & Multi-disciplinary Annotated Bibliography Addressing Policy and Well-being", eds. S. Kuechler and S. Wallman, Sussex Academic Press, 2009

This book aims to support cross-cultural understanding of issues surrounding diversity and its management in society. The articles and books annotated comprise both classical works and contemporary perspectives, allowing better communication across linguistic barriers on issues that affect chiefly the management of organisations and cities in Europe.  The volume is a vital tool for anybody conducting primary research in the implementation of diversity regulation, and it is an inspiration for practitioners in the field of diversity management and policy implementation. It features Subject, Discipline, Geographic, and Diversity indexes, which will enable searches to be conducted across cultural perspectives. more

"Sustainable Cities: Diversity, Economic Growth and Social Cohesion", eds. M. Janssens, D. Pinelli, D. C. Reymen and S. Wallman, Edward Elgar, Series on Economics, the Environment and Sustainable Development, 2009

This book focuses on cities, their relationship with each other and the disparities between them. Analysing cities as the places where diversity is especially apparent, where cultural richness is experienced and where conflicts often erupt, it illustrates how cultures and cultural diversity interact with economic growth and development. The contributors provide valuable insight into how diverse cities should best be governed and made sustainable, and explore the concept of diversity in relation to sustainability. This book will prove a fascinating read for academics and policy-makers with a specific interest in diversity policy and regional and urban studies, as well as economics and the social sciences in general. more

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