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SUS.DIV Second General Assembly

SUS.DIV 2nd General Assembly was organised by Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (K.U.Leuven). It was held in Leuven, Belgium on 21-22 September 2006.

The objective of the 2nd GA was to make the network familiar with different types of research that is being carried out in the network and have a fruitful discussion as a group. The focus was on the following:

  • To help partners get a better understanding of the governance of the network;
  • To encourage interaction and exchange ideas as a whole group;
  • To monitor the progress of the network towards its scientific¬†objectives

SUS.DIV 2nd General Assembly was preceded by EURODIV second Conference on "Qualitative diversity research: Looking ahead". The Conference took place on 19-20 September in Leuven, Belgium. Find out more!

DOCUMENTS available for download:


PRESENTATIONS available for download:

Coordination and network activities (K.U.Leuven and FEEM)
Training activities (CERES and ILS)
Data and Indicators (IDEA C)
Sustainability: A plea for solidarity and peace (Arie de Ruijter, Tilburg University)



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