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EURODIV - objectives


EURODIV aims to organise a series of five Conferences on the understanding of cultural diversity in Europe and on the ways of dealing with diversity and its dynamics in the globalisation era. Training is central to EURODIV. The project provides an organised, formal interdisciplinary-oriented paltform at the frontiers of current research. It thus represents a highly valuable opportunity for both researchers and leading scientists to communicate in a spirit of mutual learning and reciprocal understanding.

EURODIV shares with SUS.DIV a unique approach to cultural diversity. It investigates the topic by:

1. Providing a better understanding of cultural assets and of how their diversity contributes to human welfare
2. Exploring cultural dialogue as a key mechanism through which cultural differences can be expressed and interact in a positive manner and by
3. Providing a better understanding of the dynamics of cultural diversity in Europe and the world in relation to the process of globalisation

EURODIV is supported by the European Commission, Sixth Framework Programme, Marie Curie Conferences and Training Courses. For more information on the Marie Curie Programme, open calls for papers and eligible researchers, visit the Cordis website. For more information on Marie Curie funding opportunities visit the Marie Curie funding opportunities search tool.



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