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First Conference "Understanding diversity: Mapping and measuring"

The first Conference was organised by FEEM and held in its’s headquarters in Milan, Italy, on 26-27 January 2006. The Conference offered momentum for top-level training on cultural diversity. It was very interdisciplinary and created room for synergies between young researchers and senior researchers with different background. The Conference balanced keynote speeches from renowned scientists in the field and paper presentations from young researchers. A series of parallel sessions favoured constructive exchanges between competencies. Each session was followed by open discussions.

The Conference addressed the following three topics:

  1. Theory and practice. We welcomed theoretical work as well as empirical applications in the broader field of social science research. Issues such as the measurement of multidimensional diversity; the relationships between diversity, inequality and power hierarchies; the analysis of the socio-institutional context, etc were of relevance here.
  2. New databases and methodologies. We welcomed contributions concerning developments of new databases (with potential EU-wide relevance), analyses of potentialities and limitations of existing databases, new methodologies for collecting and recording data and information, comparisons between the state-of-play in Europe vis-à-vis other major world players, etc.
  3. Synthetic indicators. We welcomed theoretical contributions concerning the development of new indicators or the setting up of coherent systems of indicators for monitoring diversity and diversity policies in complex systems, as well as empirical work with innovative applications of existing indicators for the analysis of diversity and diversity policies in specific fields.
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  • Newsletter, 1st issue (November 2006) more
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