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Second Conference "Qualitative diversity research: Looking ahead" 

The second Conference was organised by K.U.Leuven and held on 19-20 September 2006 in Leuven, Belgium. Leading diversity scholars gave keynote speeches to introduce the sessions of the Conference: Deborah Litvin (Merrimack College, US), Pushkala Prasad (Skidmore College, US), Marta Calas (University of Massachussets, US) and Robin Ely (Harvard University, US).

The second Conference was followed by SUS.DIV second General Assembly, held on 21-22 September 2006 in Leuven, Belgium. If you want to know more about it click here.

The Conference addressed the following four topics:

  1. Theorizing diversity. In this session the focus is on the question of how to conceptualize diversity in theoretically sound ways. We welcome theoretical and empirical papers that reflect on the problems of current conceptualizations of diversity or that introduce new concepts to study diversity.
  2. Qualitative methodologies to investigate diversity. This session aims to discuss appropriate ways to research diversity in the field, including the pro’s and con’s of specific approaches. We welcome both theoretical and empirical papers introducing new qualitative ways to carry out diversity research, or discussing methodological aspects in depth.
  3. Reframing diversity within organisation studies. We look at how diversity can be linked to other contemporary topics in organization studies. The idea behind is to foresee possible research lines of diversity research, in ways that help ‘mainstream’ diversity within various domains of organisation studies. We welcome theoretical and empirical papers that make new links between diversity research and other research areas in organization studies.
  4. Publishing qualitative diversity research. This session wants to reflect on strategies to publish qualitative diversity studies and to raise the question of how to be critical and at the same time communicate effectively with a more mainstream readership. We welcome papers that propose ways of presenting qualitative work through which this approach is considered a valuable contribution in increasing our knowledge on diversity and diversity management.
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