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Third Conference "Diversity in cities: visible and invisible walls”

The third Conference was held on 11-12 September 2007 at the Dept. of Anthroplogy of UCL in London, UK


The Conference took the social arena as the unit of analysis of cultural diversity. Focusing on cities, it studied the interaction between urban space, the dynamics of identity formation, the construction of cross-cultural relationships and the emergence of cultural dialogue. The Conference provided an opportunity for diversity scholars to discuss the state-of-the-art of diversity research and to envisage possible scenarios of diversity research specifically within European contexts.

The following four topics were addressed:
  1. Spaces between diversities. Public places, buffer zones, negotiable spaces, non places. Under this heading we welcome papers dealing with geographic and topographic aspects and thier symbolic value with regard to diversity.
  2. Boundaries between diverse groups. Context/conditions affecting outcome of interaction between those groups. In mapping social boundaries we know that they can be fluid, permeable and vary with context. Concepts of cultural compression, creolisation, and Putnam's two forms of social capital "bonding" versus "bridging" social capital are relevant.
  3. Methods for mapping and/or analysing networks of interaction and/or relationship between diverse groups. Urban research presents special opportunities and difficulties. Under this heading we welcome explorations of innovative methods.
  4. Material/symbolic manifestations of diversity. Diversity shows in the things that we buy and sell: goods sold in markets, clothing, food and restaurants, artwork, and in public/private ethnic ceremonies and celebrations. We welcome contributions addressing the material and symbolic manifestations of diversity.
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