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EURODIV - Publications

If you have participated in a EURODIV Conference you can submit your paper for inclusion in EURODIV Working Papers, which falls in FEEM Series of Working Papers. Publication is conditional on the approval of the series editor and it does not prevent publication of the paper elsewhere.  You can also know more about EURODIV through our Newsletter: the first channel of communication on cultural diversity in Europe!

EURODIV 1st Conference "Understanding diversity: Mapping and measuring" (FEEM, Milan, Italy, 26-27/01/06)

Newsletter, 1st issue, June 2006 more

EURODIV Working Paper no.1.06
Walter F. Lalich
Measurement and Spatial Effects of the Immigrant Created Cultural Diversity in Sydney 
EURODIV Working Paper no.2.06
Elena Paspalanova
Cultural Diversity Determining the Memory of a Controversial Social Event  
EURODIV Working Paper no.3.06
Ugo Gasparino, Barbara Del Corpo, Dino Pinelli 
Perceived Diversity of Complex Environmental Systems: Multidimensional Measurement and Synthetic Indicators 
EURODIV Working Paper no.4.06
Aleksandra Hauke
Impact of Cultural Differences on Knowledge Transfer in British, Hungarian and Polish Enterprises
EURODIV Working Paper no.5.06
Katherine Marquand Forsyth, Vanja M. K. Stenius 
The Challenges of Data Comparison and Varied European Concepts of Diversity
EURODIV Working Paper no.6.06
Gianmarco I.P. Ottaviano, Giovanni Peri
Rethinking the Gains from Immigration: Theory and Evidence from the U.S. 
EURODIV Working Paper no.7.06
Monica Barni
From Statistical to Geolinguistic Data: Mapping and Measuring Linguistic Diversity
EURODIV Working Paper no.8.06
Lucia Tajoli, Luca De Benedictis
Economic Integration and Similarity in Trade Structures 
EURODIV Working Paper no.9.06
Suzanna Chan
“God’s little acre” and “Belfast Chinatown”: Diversity and Ethnic Place Identity in Belfast
EURODIV Working Paper no.10.06
Diana Petkova
Cultural Diversity in People’s Attitudes and Perceptions
EURODIV Working Paper no.11.06 
John J. Betancur
From Outsiders to On-Paper Equals to Cultural Curiosities? The Trajectory of Diversity in the USA 
EURODIV Working Paper no.12.06
Kiflemariam Hamde
Cultural Diversity A Glimpse Over the Current Debate in Sweden  
EURODIV Working Paper no.13.06
Emilio Gregori
Indicators of Migrants’ Socio-Professional Integration  
EURODIV Working Paper no.14.06
Christa-Maria Lerm Hayes
Unity in Diversity Through Art? Joseph Beuys’ Models of Cultural Dialogue 
EURODIV Working Paper no.15.06
Sara Vertommen, Albert Martens
Ethnic Minorities Rewarded: Ethnostratification on the Wage Market in Belgium  
EURODIV Working Paper no.16.06
Nicola Genovese, Maria Grazia La Spada 
Diversity and Pluralism: An Economist's View  
EURODIV Working Paper no.17.06
Carla Bagna
Italian Schools and New Linguistic Minorities: Nationality Vs. Plurilingualism. Which Ways and Methodologies for Mapping these Contexts?  
EURODIV Working Paper no.18.06 
Vedran Omanovic
Understanding “Diversity in Organizations” Paradigmatically and Methodologically 

EURODIV Working Paper no.19.06
Mila Paspalanova
Identifying and Assessing the Development of Populations of Undocumented Migrants: The Case of Undocumented Poles and Bulgarians in Brussels
EURODIV Working Paper no.20.06
Roberto Alzetta
Diversities in Diversity: Exploring Moroccan Migrants’ Livelihood in Genoa 

EURODIV Working Paper no.21.06
Monika Sedenkova, Jiri Horak
Multivariate and Multicriteria Evaluation of Labour Market Situation
EURODIV Working Paper no.22.06 
Dirk Jacobs, Andrea Rea
Construction and Import of Ethnic Categorisations: “Allochthones” in The Netherlands and Belgium 
EURODIV Working Paper no.23.06
Eric M. Uslaner
Does Diversity Drive Down Trust? 
EURODIV Working Paper no.24.06
Paula Mota Santos, João Borges de Sousa
Visibility & Invisibility of Communities in Urban Systems 
EURODIV Working Paper no.25.06
John Foot
Mapping Diversity in Milan. Historical Approaches to Urban Immigration

EURODIV Working Paper no.26.06
Philippe Van Parijs
Linguistic Diversity What is it? And Does it Matter?  

EURODIV 2nd Conference "Qualitative diversity research: Looking ahead" (K.U.Leuven, Leuven, Belgium, 19-20/09/06)

Newsletter, 2nd issue, November 2006 more

EURODIV Working Paper no.27.06
Sirkku Varjonen
Analysing Immigrant Life Stories from two Perspectives
EURODIV Working Paper no.28.06 
Roberto Alzetta, Manuela Tortello
From Physics to Social Science: Some Reflections on the Applicability of Complementarity, Indeterminacy and Tracing Notions to Migration Studies
EURODIV Working Paper no.29.06 
Ruth Soenen
An Anthropological Account of Ephemeral Relationships on Public Transport. A Contribution to the Reflection on Diversity 
EURODIV Working Paper no.30.06 
Angela Nilsson
Diversity In Theory and Practice 
EURODIV Working Paper no.31.06
Walter F. Lalich
Diversity and Ethnic Communal Places: Qualitative Research and Measurements of the Outcome of Fragmented Immigrant Collective Actions 
EURODIV Working Paper no.32.06
Riikka Norrbacka Landsberg
Notions of Immigrants as New Customers
EURODIV Working Paper no.33.06
Hille Janhonen-Abruquah
Eco-Cultural Theory in the Research of Trans-National Families and Their Daily Life 
EURODIV Working Paper no.34.06  
Jim Cowan,David Woodger
Institutional Racism: Holding up a Mirror to NHS Practitioners and Managers
EURODIV Working Paper no.35.06  
Viktorija Kalonaityte
Diversity that wasn’t there: Theorizing Diversity Management and Organizational Identity 

EURODIV Working Paper no.36.06
Art Dewulf, Greet François, René Bouwen, Tharsi Taillieu 
Diversity as Interactive Practice: Theoretical and Methodological Contributions from a Discursive Psychological Approach to Issue Framing
EURODIV Working Paper no.37.06  
Andrea Toarniczky, Henriett Primecz
Multicultural Diversity Through Organizational Culture Lenses: A Multiparadigm Approach 
EURODIV Working Paper no.38.06
Vedran Omanovic
Doing Critical Organizational Research Implications for Studies on “Diversity in Organizations
EURODIV Working Paper no.39.06
Camilla Nordberg
Claims-Making Activities by Minority Ethnic Groups – an Empirical Example of Bottom-up Negotiations of Citizenship

EURODIV 3rd Conference "Diversity in cities: Visible and invisible walls" (UCL, London, UK, 11-12/09/07)

Newsletter, 3rd issue, November 2007 more

EURODIV Working Paper no.40.07
Agnieszka Aleksy-Szucsich
What is the Context Necessary for Cultural Diversity to Bring Positive Economic Results in Terms of Higher Innovativeness, Creativity and Openness?
EURODIV Working Paper no.41.07
Viera Bacava, Peter Babincak
Individuals in Communities and Communities in Cities – the ISA (Identity Structure Analysis) Perspective
EURODIV Working Paper no.42.07
Paschalis Arvanitidis, Dimitris Skouras
Intra-Urban Patterns of Immigrant Location and the Housing Market: A Preliminary Investigation
EURODIV Working Paper no.43.07
Alessandra Micoli
Participating and Belonging. The Construction and Negotiation of Group Identities in a Neighbourhood of Milan 
EURODIV Working Paper no.44.07
Keti Lelo
Suburbs and Fragmentation Patterns: The Case of Rome
EURODIV Working Paper no.45.07
Matjaz Ursic
Culture as Exclusion? Migrants and Exclusive Spatial Demarcation in the City 
EURODIV Working Paper no.46.07
Giulio Verdini
Forms of Appropriation and Integration of Cultural Capital in the Metropolitan Area of Montevideo. Space and Global Market from Latin America to Europe 
EURODIV Working Paper no.47.07
Diana Petkova
Culture Shock and Adaptation in a Multiethnic City
EURODIV Working Paper no.48.07
Nick Dines
The Experience of Diversity in an Era of Urban Regeneration: The Case of Queens Market, East London 
EURODIV Working Paper no.49.07
Andreas Damelang, Max Steinhardt, Silvia Stiller 
Europe’s Diverse Labour Force: The Case of German Cities 
EURODIV Working Paper no.50.07
Sirkku Varjonen 
Constructing Socio-Cultural Belonging in Narrative and Questionnaire Data
EURODIV Working Paper no.51.07
Tüzin Baycan-Levent, Aliye Ahu Gülümser
Gated Communities in Istanbul: The New Walls of the City
EURODIV Working Paper no.52.07
Rossella Lo Conte
Comparison of Open/Heterogeneous – Closed/Homogeneous Local Systems in Dealing with Diversity: London 
EURODIV Working Paper no.53.07
Alessia Mefalopulos
Moving Through Community Networks. Social Capital and Integration Strategies in the Moroccan Community in Italy
EURODIV Working Paper no.54.07
Riitta Oittinen
In Hoc Signo Vinces. Eurosigns in the City Scenery of Brussels
EURODIV Working Paper no.55.07
Maria Alessia Montuori
The Visible and the Invisible: Crossing Ethnic and Spatial Boundaries in Two Immigrants Neighbourhoods in Rome
EURODIV Working Paper no.56.07
Mary Stevens
Designing Diversity: The Visual Identity of the Cité nationale de l’histoire de l’immigration (National Museum of Immigration)

EURODIV 4th Conference "Diversity in cities: New models of governance" (IPRS, Rome, Italy, 16-17/09/08)

Newsletter, 4th issue, November 2008 more

EURODIV Working Paper no.57.09
Alexandra Peça A. Gomes
Participatory Democracy and the Governance of Urban Planning in Portugal. From Regulations to Action 
EURODIV Working Paper no.58.09
Maria Alessia Montuori
No Right to Vote for Stranieri: The Practical Alternatives and Limitations of Immigrant Activism in the City of Rome 
EURODIV Working Paper no.59.09
Christian Jensen
Projects as Policy Tools in Implementing Metropolitan Policy – a Case From Sweden 
EURODIV Working Paper no.60.09
Eliška Vejchodská
Czech Approach to Sprawl in International Comparison 
EURODIV Working Paper no.61.09
Filipa Menezes
Homelessness: Governance & Risk  
EURODIV Working Paper no.62.09
Walter F. Lalich
Sustainability of Migration Generated Civic Participation in Urban Governance  

EURODIV Working Paper no.63.09
Dagmar Vinz
Diversity, Governance and Integration – Policies in the City of Berlin 
EURODIV Working Paper no.64.09
Sebastiano Citroni
Social Maps of Civil Society Subjects with Bridging Social Capital Purposes as an Organizing Tool for a Governance of Sustainable Urban Diversity 
EURODIV Working Paper no.65.09
Miroslava Hlincíková
Growth and Development of Diversity in Slovakia – Slovakia as the New Destination Country of Migration 
EURODIV Working Paper no.66.09
Bernardo Aguilar-González,Ligia Umaña-Ledezma and Marketa Zubkova
Grassroots Facilitated Two-Way Immigrant Integration and Increased Diversity in High Growth Areas in the United States 
EURODIV Working Paper no.67.09 
Ana Gonçalves
Cardiff: Diversity in a World-Becoming City  
EURODIV Working Paper no.68.09
Pierina Ferrara
Cohabit with the other: Catholics and Jews in Rome in the XVIII Century 

EURODIV 5th Conference "Dynamics of Diversity in the Globalisation Era” (FEEM, Milano, Italy, 22-23/10/09)

Newsletter, 5th issue, December 2009 more

EURODIV Working Paper no.69.2010
Eric M. Uslaner
Trust, Diversity, Segregation, and Globalization

EURODIV Working Paper no.70.2010
Fabrizio Panebianco
“Driving While Black”: A Theory for Interethnic Integration and Evolution of Prejudice

EURODIV Working Paper no.71.2010
Malin Näsholm and Mattias Jacobsson
Do Global Careers Imply Construction of Global Identities?

EURODIV Working Paper no.72.2010
Walter F. Lalich
Local melange in a global world:  From transferred Southern European lifestyles to transnational Sydney streets

EURODIV Working Paper no.73.2010
Ana Gonçalves
Re-inventing Cardiff through Cultural Distinctiveness and Consumption

EURODIV Working Paper no.74.2010
Matjaz Ursic
“New localism” in Slovenia – Management of Cultural Diversity or Fear of  Globalisation?

EURODIV Working Paper no.75.2010
Saskia Bonjour
Reducing diversity: The Framing of Civic Integration Abroad. Policies in France and the Netherlands

EURODIV Working Paper no.76.2010
Maria Grazia La Spada
Globalization and Its Effects on Diversity: Some Economic Aspects



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