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Who does what in SUS.DIV?


  • The Coordinator is responsible for the administrative, financial, logistical and legal management of the Network.
  • The Scientific Lead is responsible for the scientific management of the Network.
  • The Executive Committee is the decision-making bodies of the Network. It is composed of the Coordinator, the Scientific Lead, the Research Task Leaders and the Structuring Action Lines Leaders. The Executive Committee meets twice a year, during the Annual Meetings and in February of every year.
  • The Scientific Committee is an advisory body composed of 7 highly renowned professionals from the academic and policy making arenas with the mandate to provide scientific support and advice on issues related to the implementation of the research activities.
  • The Gender Issue Coordinator develops the Gender Action Plan (GAP) and monitors that SUS.DIV takes account of gender at scientific level and in its governance structure.
  • The Ombudsperson is the mediatory body of the Network. It assists partners that want to appeal the decisions taken by the Executive Committee. The Ombudsperson performs its tasks with confidentiality and by assuming a neutral and impartial role.



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