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SUS.DIV Fourth General Assembly

SUS.DIV 4th General Assembly was organised by University of Matej Bel (UMB) and held in Bratislava, Slovakia, on 3-5 September 2008. It had a threefold objective:

  • To understand better the relationship between sustainability and diversity, with a focus on what conditions, mechanism and processes promote, impede or block sustainable diversity.
  • To discuss how diversity is understood and researched outside Europe. Non-European partners will give an overview of diversity in India, Bolivia and the US.
  • To present and share opinions on a set of network-wide inititative that we have been implementing so far: the annotated bibliography; the glossary on diversity and sustainability; joint workshops with externals.


DOCUMENTS available for download:



PRESENTATIONS available for download:

(Maddy Janssens, K.U. Leuven)



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