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2nd International Seminar
DIVERSITY THROUGH THE ARTS: Policy and Practive Perspectives 
"Leveraging challenges of
(un)learning with art and sustainability frameworks
(artistic diversity and diversity of sustainability under globalised threats!)"

13th-14th March 2009 - Seville, Spain

Main Goal:
Cultural policy, art management, art market practices, educational policy… many new concepts represents "frames", developmental limits and constraints of contemporary world, imposing different demands in front of us.
- What do we do with this?
- Deconstruction/reconstruction of our realities?
- What are ‘blindspots’  of our cultural diversity?
- Are we that much diversified?

The seminar aim to create transdisciplinary room for discussion of key issues bridging the fields of art sustainability and to be inspired by the response of artists to the challenges of sustainability and cultural diversity. We want to explore the possibilities, the space art is using across Europe, the way art is reacting to the different recent threats: the constantly political and economic instable Balkans, the crisis in Georgia, the energy resources manipulations, the growing economic recession, the constantly rising inter-communal mistrusts in European societies etc.... educational and political dimension through art practice.

Specific objectives:
- To share knowledge on innovative artistic and cultural practices in the field of sustainable development and cultural diversity
- To promote new initiatives and experiences in the field of arts, culture, diversity and sustainability
- To strengthen our Network of Excellence with organizations that can offer both practical knowledge and wider networks of dissemination

The outcomes of this seminar will be part of the research results and will be shown/shared with SUS.DIV. Some of the invited papers/presentations will be compiled and published.

Besides the key note speakers, who give introductory speeches, the input is on the use of pictures+very short texts or PPT (not more than 5 slides) which show how Oracle members (artists, cultural practitioners and researcher) see this phenomenon. This helps us figure out how we may engage fully in the process of sustainability beyond political discourses and put all this into understandable forms and practice.

Innovative practices to foster cultural diversity, new environmental notions such as sustainable pleasure, alternative concepts of participatory art projects. 

- Sustainable futures need to be imagined, if we are to want them - and not just with words
- For you, what does sustainability "sound" like?
- For you, what would a sustainable cultural project "look" like?
- If you find any, do propose "tools" to master what is at stake and launch fresh ideas
- If you know any, write or “steal” texts, ideas, concept that you think could enable cultural managers, artists, citizens to enjoy daily life in a radically  different and resourceful efficient way

- Individuals of the Oracle Network
SUS.DIV partners involved (Dr.  Susanne Kuechler-The University College of London, Manuela Hernandez Sanchez-The Hague University, Hisham Elkadi- University of Ulster, Laszlo Kurti-The University of Miskolc)
- Local and international policy makers, artists, organizers, researchers,
(Oracle Cyprus seminar outcomes with presentation of participants PPT visual projects)
- Artists with relevant work in the field of innovative art sustainability practices
(Susa Pop, Miriam Stupek -
www.mediaarchitecture.org/mediafacades2008; www.publicartlab.org; www.urbanscreens.org; and Milica Pesic - www.media-diversity.org)
- Researchers currently dealing with issues relevant to specific focus of the seminar

Download the programme

For information please contact:
Ljiljana Simic
Seminar coordinator



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