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Research Task 4: diversity and glocalisation

RT4 investigates the implications that the growing variety and complexity of interactions have for governance and the functioning of organisations and societies. It explores how patterns of cultural diversity affect the international arrangements of social and economic organisations. It also studies the effects of the layered, heterogeneus field in and around organisations and of the multiplicity of actors on the "management of meaning".


The scientific leaders of RT4 are Arie de Ruijter and Selma van Londen, Tilburg University (Tilburg University). The partners are:

  • Paulien Muller, Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, Stichting Katholieke Universiteit Brabant (Tilburg University, the Netherlands)
  • Hans Siebers, Marloes van Engen, Petre Curseu, and Nuray Tümer, Dept. Organisation Studies, Tilburg University (Tilburg University, the Netherlands)
  • Marja Gastelaars, Dian Marie Hosking, Peter Leisink, Eugène Loos, Henk van Rinsum, Sandra Schruijer and Paul Verweel, Utrecht School of Governance, Utrecht University (Tilburg University, the Netherlands)
  • Alexandra Bitusikova, Jolana Darulova, Ivan Chorvat, Katarina Kostialova, Slavomira Ocenasova, and Daniel Luther, Matej Bel University (UMB, Slovakia)
  • Romi Mukherjee, Centre Interdisciplinaire pour la Recherche Comperative en Sciences Socials (CIR, France)
  • Zdenek Uherek, Renata Weinerova, Petra Holeckova and Jana Grohmannova, Institute of Ethnology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (EU AV CR, Czech Republic)
  • Iskra Christova-Balkanska, Institute of Economics at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (IE BAS, Bulgaria)

  • Position Paper: the state-of-the-art in diversity and glocalisation
  • Strategic Paper: a forward-looking plan for research in diversity and glocalisation


  • SUS.DIV Working Papers more
  • EURODIV Working Papers more

  • Book on "Cultural and social diversity in Slovakia. Theoretical Perspectives on Diversity Research", Bitusikova, S. (eds.), University Matej Bel, Eruditio Mores Futurum, 2007. more
  • Book on "Cultural and social diversity in Slovakia. Foreigners among us", Bitusikova, S. and Luther, D. (eds.), University Matej Bel, Eruditio Mores Futurum, 2009. more
  • Research paper on ”Diversity and Sociology”, Zdenek Uherek, 2010. more
  • Diversity and Bulgarian labour emigration case, Iskra Christova-Balkanska, 2010. more
  • Research paper on "Struggles for cooperation: conflict resolution strategies in multicultural groups", Smaranda Boros, Nicoleta Meslec, Petru L. Curseu and Wilco Emons, 2010. more
  • Research paper on "Commitment of cultural minorities in organizations: effects of leadership and pressure to conform", Joyce Rupert, Karen A. Jehn, Marloes L. van Engen, Renee S. M. de Reuver, 2010. more



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