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SUS.DIV in progress:

SUS.DIV books:

  • “Diversity Research and Policy. A Multidisciplinary Exploration”, eds. S.Knotter, R. de Lobel, L. Tsipouri, V. Stenius, Pallas Publications, 2011. more
  • "Everyday's a Festival! Diversity on Show", eds. S. Küchler S., L. Kürti, H. Elkadi, Sean Kingston Publishing, 2011. more
  • "The Sustainability of Cultural Diversity. Nations, Cities and Organisations." eds. M. Janssens, M. Bechtoldt, A. de Ruijter, D. Pinelli, G. Prarolo and V. Stenius, Edward Elgar, Series on Economics, the Environment and Sustainable Development, 2010. more
  • "Diversity Management in Practice: A Cross Cultural & Multi-disciplinary Annotated Bibliography Addressing Policy and Well-being", eds. S. Kuechler and S. Wallman, Sussex Academic Press, 2009. more
  • "Cultural Diversity, Social Sustainability and Spatial Dynamics", in fieri. more

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