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"Diversity Research and Policy. A Multidisciplinary Exploration"

eds. S. Knotter and R. de Lobel (IDEA Consult), L. Tsipouri (NKUA-SARG), V. Stenius (IPRS)
Pallas Publications, 2011

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In recent years diversity has arisen as a popular buzzword in academic and government debates and discourse, encompassing a range of ideas and meanings. The complexity of the concept precludes simple definitions and categorizations that cut across disciplines, and necessitates a nuanced exploration of its significance and application in different disciplines and areas of life.

This glossary provides an overview of how “diversity” is used and defined in the wide range of academic disciplines represented in the SUS.DIV network, such as anthropology, psychology, economics, art/architecture, history, linguistics, business management, criminology, ecology and urban planning. In doing so, the glossary will consider how and why diversity has become the centre of numerous studies, policy (at various levels) and governmental action, as well as a theme of high social significance that cuts across disciplines and, to some extent, is reshaping theory, research and policy. The completed work will provide an overview of the emergence of diversity within the social sciences and related disciplines, its development as a focus of interest, its current significance both for academia and society at large, as well as a prognosis for the role that diversity will play within each discipline in the near future.



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