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SUS.DIV Newsletter is issued three times a year starting from May 2007. If you want to contribute to it, send an email to Rob de Lobel. Now available for download:

  • Newsletter, 1st issue, May 2007. more
  • Newsletter, 2nd issue, October 2007. more
  • Newsletter, 3rd issue, February 2008. more
  • Newsletter, 4th issue, June 2008. more
  • Newsletter, 5th issue, October 2008. more
  • Newsletter: 6th issue, February 2009. more
  • Newsletter: 7th issue, June 2009. more
  • Newsletter: 8th issue, October 2009. more
  • Newsletter: 9th issue, February 2010. more
  • Newsletter: 10th issue, July 2010. more



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