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"Diversity management in practice: a cross-cultural & multi -disciplinary annotated bibliography addressing policy and well-being"

eds. S. Wallman and S. Küchler (UCL), Sussex Academic Press, 2009

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This is a cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary initiative that reflects the variety of professional and personal experiences of all SUSDIV members and institutions, working in disciplines as diverse as anthropology, psychology, economics, sociology, political sciences, art and economic history, architecture, law, urban and regional studies, geography, and linguistics.

The annotated bibliography meets the need, recognised by the European Commission, to evaluate approaches to integration and the management of diversity and will be a vital tool for those conducting primary research in topics related to migration and population. It will also be an inspiration for practitioners in the field of diversity management and policy implementation, especially those towards immigrants, economics and education.

This work provides a bridge across the linguistic and intellectual traditions that currently set scholars and practitioners apart from each other. Items annotated in the publication cover both classical and contemporary perspectives, allowing those concerned with Diversity Management in Practice to communicate more readily. These reviews enhance understanding of the variety of ways in which diversity is recognised, and of the way these recognitions are applied in interaction. Selections are personal as well as professional. The editors have encouraged individuality of style within an otherwise strict framework. These are therefore not conventional reviews. The collection contains over 170 entries, including academic books and articles, journalistic and conference reports, novels, and fictional, video or documentary films. Four comprehensive indexes (Subject, Main Discipline, Geographic Area, and Diversity-type) allow easy navigation through the variety of reviews.

Diversity Management in Practice is recommended to researchers, students and teachers, people dealing with diversity training programmes and strategies, local political institutions and voluntary organisations, European Networks of Excellence, and those working on diversity as it affects other fields of research. Its insights apply to diversity issues in Europe and the United States, but also outside Anglophone academic institutions and political contexts.




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