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"The Sustainability of Cultural Diversity. Nations, Cities and Organizations"

eds. M. Janssens (KU Leuven), M. Bechtoldt (UvA), A. de Ruijter (Tilburg U), D. Pinelli and G. Prarolo (FEEM, Vanja Stenius (IPRS)
Edward Elgar, Series on Economics, the Environment and Sustainable Development, 

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This engaging book addresses the question of how diverse communities, whether in a nation, city or organization, can live together and prosper whilst retaining and enjoying their cultural differences. This is a particularly pertinent issue in the context of the modern world where mass migration and immigration are pervasive global phenomena.

This volume brings together a series of contributors from various disciplines and cultural settings to address two central questions:

  • how does cultural diversity contribute to or hamper central notions of sustainability such as human welfare, social cohesion or socio-economic development?
  • how can cultural diversity unfold in a positive way through particular forms of interactions, processes and structures?

The authors offer a conceptual discussion on the meaning and operationalisation of sustainability within various contexts and settings. They provide concrete examples of the contribution of sustainable diversity to prosperous nations, communities and companies, but also identify a number of tensions which may undermine this positive potential. They highlight recognition, empowerment and inclusion as the three fundamental pillars on which policies should be built in order to create the necessary trust and legitimacy that provide the foundations for truly sustainable diversity.

Combining extensive theory and practice, this unique volume will be required reading for post-graduate students and researchers in a wide range of subjects connected to cultural diversity such as economics, sociology, anthropology, public policy and organisation studies.



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