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SUS.DIV / IMISCOE Conference on "Sustainable diversity, migration and social cohesion"

SUS.DIV organised, in partnership with IMISCOE, an International Conference on "Sustainable Diversity, Migration and Social Cohesion". The Conference aimed to create synergies between the two Networks of Excellence and to discuss jointly research topics of mutual interest. The SUS.DIV-IMISCOE Conference was hosted by CEIFO/University of Stockholm and held On 9-11 September 2009 in Stockhokm, Sweden.

The programme featured keynote speeches, cluster workshops and cross-network workshops.
The SUS.DIV-IMISCOE cross-network workshops took place on Thursday 10th September and on Friday 11th September:

  • SUS.DIV-IMISCOE Joint Workshop on “Critical approaches to identity in diversity research” more
  • SUS.DIV-IMISCOE Joint Workshop on “Knowledge and the division of labor, migration, skills and multicultural cities” more
  • SUS.DIV-IMISCOE Joint Workshop on “Migration and entrepreneurship” more
  • SUS.DIV-IMISCOE Joint Workshop on “Social identity and social capital” more
  • SUS.DIV-IMISCOE Joint Workshop on “New forms of livelihood?” more

The General Assembly was held during the Conference.

DOCUMENTS available for download

Overview of cluster workshops



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