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"Everyday's a Festival! Diversity on Show"

eds. S. Küchler (UCL), L. Kürti (UoM) and Hisham Elkadi (UU)
Sean Kingston Publishing, 2011

Hardback, ISBN 978-1-9077740-1-0, £55.00 (GBP), $110.00 (USD)
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Despite their ubiquity and cultural prominence, the academic study of arts festivals has long been neglected. The burgeoning festivals industry is, however, firmly embedded in both the arts funding and weekly calendar of European cities, and there is no doubt that festivals are fast becoming a defining feature of urban life in the twenty-first century. An assessment of their nature and impact is more pressing than ever before.

The contributors to this volume explore the modern urban festival and the difference it makes to the experience and management of diversity in the city. Their research reveals an unsettling coupling of the celebration of local diversity with institutional amnesia, in which the memory of a festival hardly ever outlasts its funding. This book documents a key phenomenon of our time, the supplanting of community-based remembering with the repetitive structures of events whose historic and interpretative depth is lost amid a spiraling velocity of 'festivalization'.

Introduction; Section 1 - People and Traditions: Chapter 1: Festivals in India, diversity in celebrations: Gujarat and Bengal - Alaknanda Patel; Chapter 2: Every day is a festival: feasts and fantasies in Hungary - László Kürti; Chapter 3: Sibiu European Capital of Culture 2007: Saxonness as a Romanian cultural brand - Monica Stroe; Chapter 4: Sacred time after emigration: a study of the Holy Mother Festival in Zavoj - Mirjana Lozanovska; Section 2 - Place and Time: Chapter 5: Festivals as a tool to integrate cultural identities in the city of Belfast - Hisham Elkadi; Chapter 6: Mapping festivals in London - Susanne Küchler and Rossella Lo Conte; Chapter 7: Festivals and music: negotiating culture, identity and place - David Beynon; Section 3 - Art and Practices: Chapter 8: Art flow-art nexus: contemporary forms of autonomous emerging festivals - Ljiljana Simic; Chapter 9: Festivals and ethnic diversity in The Hague: a contemporary landscape - Manuela Hernández Sánchez.




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