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SUS.DIV Reseaech Manifesto on "Diversity and Sustainability"

The Research Manifesto on "Diversity and Sustainability" is the final endeavour of the SUS.DIV Network.

Building on the achievements of the disciplines represented in SUS.DIV, the Research Manifesto expresses the insights and expertise that we have developed in five and a half years of research and networking on the topic of sustainability and diversity. Its aim is to identify some directions for future research on diversity.

The first inputs for the Research Manifesto are the SUS.DIV book on "The Sustainability of Cultural Diversity. Cities, Organisations and Nations" and SUS.DIV interactive plenary session held in Stockholm in September 2009.  in which partners crossing different Research Task groups have jointly worked on further explaining the relationship between diversity and sustainability.

A first draft of the Research Manifesto was discussed in a dedicated Workshop held
on 8-9 December 2009 in London. This event was sponsored by the EURODIV project and welcomed the participation of young scholars in dversity research. 

Publication date: 2011



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